This week’s Xbox Live title is Enigmo, a physics-based puzzle game. Enigmo sort of blind-sided us as we hadn’t heard about it coming to Windows Phone until recently, but now we’ve got some concrete details to share with you.

Enigmo was originally developed by Austin-based developer Pangea Software. It debuted on the strange and foreign Mac platform before making a successful run on iPhone. It’s also been released on the Windows Mobile platform – anybody remember that one?

We’ve already seen a physics-based puzzler on Xbox Live in the form of iBlast Moki. Enigmo is a little bit like that, but the goal is to direct streams of liquids into the appropriate receptacles using various gadgets. The Windows Phone version of Enigmo features sharp 3D graphics and 50 puzzles to solve. It was developed by Chaotic Moon Studios, also located in Austin, and will cost $2.99.

Head past the break for our exclusive reveal of Enigmo’s Xbox Live Achievements and the game’s debut trailer.

Enigmo - Achievements

  • Jr. Technician (10)
    Complete the first 10 levels.
  • Lab Assistant (20)
    Complete the first 25 levels.
  • Mad Scientist (30)
    Complete all 50 levels.
  • Efficient (5)
    Complete a level with 1 or more unused pieces.
  • Spare Parts (15)
    Complete a level with 2 or more unused pieces.
  • Were Those Important (25)
    Complete a level with 4 or more unused pieces.
  • Better Than Nothing (10)
    Finish a level with between 0 and 100 bonus points.
  • Dedicated Dropper (20)
    Play 20 consecutive levels in one session.
  • Drop and Give Me Sixty (20)
    Play for an hour.
  • Respectable (15)
    Score 250,000 points.
  • Enigmaster (15)
    Score 500,000 points.
  • Secret Achievement (15)
    Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.