Nokia Lumia 1020

One week from now we’ll be a day away from the big event. July 11th is where we all expect Nokia to announce and detail their upcoming Lumia ‘EOS’ smartphone. The device will be an exclusive to AT&T here in the United States with its 41 megapixel camera sensor. Famed leaker @evleaks has shown off a render of the device with AT&T branding.

Up above you’re looking at the Nokia Lumia 1020 destined for AT&T. The image comes from an internet leaker that has had accurate leaks one after the other. From the front it doesn' t look too different from your typical Lumia 920.

What do we know about the Lumia 1020? Quite a bit at this point. It’s basically going to be a Lumia 920, but with a big difference. On the back of the device where normally find an 8.7 megapixel camera you’ll instead find a 41 megapixel beast. This sensor is expected take two images simultaneously. One large 38 megapixel version for editing, zooming, and archives. The other will be a 5 megapixel version that let’s you share to social networks easily without suffering from huge data charges when you’re far from a Wi-Fi network.

We are a bit curious about the Nokia Pro Cam tile.  Speculation has this being a camera alternative that gives you complete control over the 41MP camera.  Much like we have with the Pro Shot Windows Phone app.

Anybody else looking forward to picking up this bad boy from AT&T and Nokia? Or are you more of a Lumia 925 and T-Mobile guy/gal? Sound off below.

Source: Twitter

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