Escaping Lava is a jumper game of sorts for your Windows Phone. You play the role of an archeologist who is exploring a volcano. While your searching, the volcano begins to erupt and, you guessed it, you have to escape the lava flow.

You have a wall with various protruding rocks and instead of jumping your way to the top of the screen, you use a grappling hook and rope. You shoot your grappling hook by tapping on the rock you want to swing to.  You then use your momentum to swing to the next rock, working your way up the screen. The higher you climb, the greater the score.

It sounds easy but some rocks explode, some give away to your weight and you can out stretch your rope. Then there's the lava. If your momentum pulls you too low, you run the risk of being overtaken by the lava.

There is a free trial available for Escaping Lava with the full version running $.99. If you like jumper games but are looking for a new twist to the concept, Escaping Lava might be worth a try. You can find the game here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.