If you’ve been using your Surface RT, you may have noticed that the device does not support external Ethernet support. Even if you run out and purchase Microsoft’s $80 USB to Ethernet adapter (which is a complete rip-off for those who are unaware), the device still will not work with your shiny new "productivity" tablet.

A workaround was posted to Microsoft’s own forums by user tonyman262, which suggested using other drivers to get the adapter working. Since then, Microsoft has asked the company, Pluggable, who published those Windows RT drivers to remove them.

What may seem like catastrophic news for Surface RT users wishing to use an Ethernet adapters may have a light at the end of the tunnel. According to Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet, "dependable sources" of hers stated that "external Ethernet support is, indeed, in the works for Surface RT."

According to Mary Jo, the main issue at the moment is that current Ethernet dongles running on Windows RT do not support a Windows 8 feature known as Connected Standby; this Windows 8 feature allows the device to turn instantly on or off whenever a network connection becomes available.

There is no stated release date for the update at this time.

Source: ZDNet