The still unreleased version of Windows 10 running on smartphones is popping up all over the Internet, with new screenshot leaks. This follows some images of the mobile version of Windows 10 being leaked on Wednesday and again earlier today.

ITHome, the China-based source of today's earlier leak, has updated its post with even more screenshots showing off things such as how Cortana looks with Windows 10 on mobile devices.

Windows 10 Mobile with Cortana

There's also a look at how Xbox Video currently appears on Windows 10 for phones:

Windows 10 Xbox Video

Meanwhile, another Chinese source has posted what he claims to be Windows 10 running on an actual phone on the Baidu social network. One of the pictures shows transparent live tiles on the Start screen while another shows off the new, touch-focused Powerpoint application.

Windows 10 running on phone

PowerPoint on Windows 10

It looks like Microsoft has decided not to launch the public preview version of Windows 10 for phones this week, which means we will likely wait until at least next week before we get a chance to try it out for ourselves. So far, the only thing Microsoft has confirmed is that it will be out sometime in February. But there's still three weeks of the month left to go.

Source: ITHome, Baidu

Thanks to everyone for the tips!