Evernote for Windows Phone

Evernote is a solid choice and it’s a good alternative to OneNote. Plus if you’ve been using it for a few years on other platforms you’ll probably not be quite ready to make the jump completely to OneNote. The little app with an elephant has just gotten a bump to fix a few issues.

If you hit up the Windows Phone Store and update Evernote you’ll get a handful of fixes in the latest release. Most notable it helps fix some syncing issues users were reporting. Additionally it addressed an issue with sleep mode and resuming editing. Topping it all off are a few fixes for crashes.The app was last updated in January with PIN lock and business support

You and I won’t complain about some bug squashing. It’s a good sign to see fixes for apps like this to come at a much more frequent rate than in the years past. Good sign for a healthy Windows Phone ecosystem.

Hit up the Windows Phone Store to download Evernote for free, use the QR code below, or swipe right in our app.

QR Logo Evernote

Thanks for the tip Ricardo!