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We’re big fans of updates. There’s nothing like seeing the tile for the Store light up with an update or two. Even if the update doesn’t add new features, it’s nice to have your app receive some bug fixes and/or performance gains. Today we’re looking at three apps getting that treatment: Evernote, HERE Explore (beta) and MoWeather.

Head to the Windows Phone Store and you’ll see those three apps sitting there with a new version. Evernote is now on version, HERE Explore Beta is on version 0.9.2088.0 and MoWeather is now at version

Both Evernote and HERE Explore are only receiving what looks like bug fixes. MoWeather is also getting bug fixes, but does gain the ability to select Fahrenheit as an option for the temperature. To get that as an option makes sure you have your language set as English.

Want these apps? They’re available for Windows Phone 8 devices and are all free. Links and QR codes below or you can also swipe to the right in our app to grab them.

Evernote – Windows Phone Store

QR: Evernote

HERE Explore (Beta) –Windows Phone Store (Lumia only)

QR: HERE Explore

MoWeather – Windows Phone Store

QR: MoWeather