Eve, a small Finnish startup, has revealed that its upcoming crowd-developed 2-in-1 tablet hybrid, Pyramid Flipper, will pack one of Intel's upcoming seventh generation Kaby Lake CPUs.

Eve's 'Project Pyramid Flipper' will pack one of Intel's upcoming Kaby Lake CPUs

In fact, the folks at Eve say that Pyramid Flipper will be the first device to ship with one of the upcoming CPUs from Intel. As you may recall if you've been following the project, Eve locked down several other specs for the device a short time ago, which include:

Display: QHD with eye-melting colors and zero air gap lamination technology Wacom active pen Ram: 8GB LTE support, Fingerprint sensor Thunderbolt 3 and 2 USB Tpe-Cs + 2 USB Type-As Aluminum body carved from single piece of aluminum using CNC machine

If you're unfamiliar with Eve's efforts, Project Pyramid Flipper is planned to come in a form factor similar to Microsoft's own Surface. If you're interested, you can check out Eve's newly redesigned site to learn much more about the project.