Nokia ROMs

We like the idea of white phones only because they stand out in a sea of black-slabs these days. Between our (mostly) white Lumia 710 and all-white Radar 4g, we think the color variation adds some pizzazz and choices to the second gen Windows Phone lineup. So it's with great excitement that we're seeing more and more evidence that Nokia is making a white Lumia 800.

Evidence first came forth a few days ago at XDA where a screenshot (see below) from fshqbizfs. Evidently, he was using an app that browses Nokia firmware and came across some interesting findings. From that screenshot we see listings for a white v2 Lumia 800 coming to Portugal and Switzerland.

Nokia firmware

And we now have the above screenshot from reader VoodooKing (top picture) who was searching for Nokia ROMs on their server to corroborate those entries. As you can see, there are the same listings for Portugal and Switzerland, giving a little more credence to the earlier screenshot from XDA.

White N9

Of course, these could be mislabeled or errant entries but we should note that there is a all-white Nokia N9 (which of course the Lumia 800 is based off), meaning there is precedent for such a design. We're of course excited about such a prospect and hope Nokia sells an unlocked version--between the Cyan and White variations, we think Nokia could have some big sellers here.

Source: XDA, Nokia; Thanks, VoodooKing and Francesco S., for the tips. N9 image credit: Nokia World.