Evolve, the "4 vs 1" co-op first person shooter from developer Turtle Rock Studios and publisher 2K Games, has now gone gold, meaning that the development of the main game is complete and it is now being replicated on discs. Evolve's next phase begins next week with its previously announced open beta that will begin for the Xbox One platform.

As previously announced, the open beta for Evolve will be available for all Xbox One owners with a paid Xbox Live Gold account starting on January 15 and lasting until January 19. Players will be able to experience the "Hunt" mode in the first two days of the beta, and the "Evacuation" campaign mode in the final two days of the beta.

Turtle Rock celebrated the "gone gold" achievement by releasing Evolve's opening cinematic teaser to the public. The final game will go on sale February 10.

Source: Evolve