In our forums an interesting discussion has begun regarding the attention some people are getting with their new Windows Phone, specifically with people coming up to ask what kind of phone thou art wielding.

Case in point, when we were recently traveling to San Francisco we were brandishing our appropriately titled California Blue HTC 8X and we had multiple instances of people inquiring and fawning over our phone. Yes, it’s the color that lures ‘em in and the Tiles that pique their interest. Personally, we hadn’t experienced that much attention to our phone in public in a long time, if ever.

The mystery isn’t too hard to figure out either—basically if you have any of the brightly colored Lumias or 8Xs that are now out there, there’s a good chance someone may ask you about it (it also depends on your region as those in the North East are less likely to come up to in public, so it seems).

If you’re sporting a matte black device, it will certainly be less noticeable and for some that’s a good thing. The biggest surprise from people is also consistent: they’re shocked that there is no case on the phone.

So the question for you folks with Windows Phones: Have you seen an increased amount of people asking you about it?

Take the poll and share your stories either in comments or our forum!