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Pre-order now, get it at the same time as everyone else

Preorders are kind of like the teaser preview in technology—they cost virtually nothing to produce but get a lot of people talking. Such is the case with Expansys now offering pre-orders for the ATIV S from Samsung.

The page is up both in Italy and even the US although there is no price listed nor ETA for a shipping date—in other words, they’re doing it for the links and headlines because let's be honest, this won't sellout early like the iPhone.

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It is especially odd to see it for the US because while unlocked smartphones do have a market, US shoppers are way more inclined to buy it on contract via their carrier. But for the ATIV S, no carrier announcements have yet been made and since this unlocked version doesn’t have 4G LTE on board, it would seem like a bust for those on AT&T and even T-Mobile (the latter is expected to launch this phone with LTE too).

The device is also available in the Netherlands for pre-order.

So our advice? Let’s wait until T-Mobile (expected) and AT&T (probable) announce this device, configured for their network frequencies and at that discounted price, unless you’re really committed to an unlocked phone.

Source: Expansys US, Expansys Italy; via Plaffo, WMPU

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