Expedia.com is one of the most popular sites for planning vacations and trips. The site offers deals on hotels and flights for cheap, and it's one of those big, name brand services that many people know about.

The good news is that Windows Phone 8 users now have an official Expedia.com app. The bad news is it's just a mobile web wrapper, meaning this app simply pulls down the mobile web version of Expedia.com. Except you get more on the website, including cars and packages, which the web app obfuscates.

Expedia does have a full-fledged app on iOS, which is designed well with scrolling images of local deals. That means that the company took the easy way out with Windows Phone by making an app that simply routes to their website, preventing things as staying logged in to your account, quick access to support and an overall more enjoyable user experience.

Still, if you want an Expedia website-within-an-app, well, you can rest easy tonight as your wish has come true. We're still waiting for a native app.

Thanks, Barry W., for the tip!

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