This is a game we were really looking forward to due to its interesting gameplay and gorgeous visuals. This is the first title from PolyKnight Games and was originally funded on Kickstarter in 2014. According to the developer, InnerSpace is a dizzying and dazzling journey of discovery into the heart of the Inverse, a dying realm where entire civilizations have perished, yet ancient gods still wander. The mystery of the environment is what you have to uncover.

In the final days of the Inverse, you must help the Archaeologist recover the last remaining memories before they are lost forever. Gameplay requires you to fly through ancient skies and abandoned oceans to discover the lost history of this fading realm.

Some of the main features in InnerSpace include the following.

  • InnerSpace is about player-driven moments. You have to take your time, soar through the skies and dive through the oceans, to discover the secrets of the world.
  • Scattered among the ruins are priceless relics. These relics contain the final messages from the extinct civilizations that once ruled the Inverse.
  • Upgrades are part of the game and you must adapt lost technology to build new airframes.
  • Gods roam the skies so you have to be careful to avoid them.

InnerSpace will cost $19.99 when it launches next year. Hopefully the game will live up to the promises made by PolyKnight Games.

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