SkyDrive OCR Tech

The SkyDrive team is on a roll this year. The latest update to the service only confirms they’ve been kicking ass, in spite of an upcoming name change to the service. So what’s new with SkyDrive? Oh you know, just the ability to scan your photos and read them for you. Details after the break.

Starting today, photos uploaded to SkyDrive that feature text will be able to have an optical character recognition (OCR) tool scan them. This OCR tech is powered by Bing and should be super useful for those times you take a photo of some text in order to remember it later. The feature is rolling out to users right now, but didn’t load for me. The text will show in the properties section of images when viewing images on SkyDrive a web browser.

At launch, the feature will support English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and German. It doesn’t matter what country you’re in, so long as your browser is set to one of those languages we just listed. It should also work with most common picture formats.

Don’t forget on Windows Phone you can hit the Bing search button the front of your device for some similar functionality. Hit search, click the eyeball icon on the bottom right, and you can scan barcodes, books, CDs, and more. You can also “scan text”, from there you can copy and paste it, search, or translate right there.

Let us know if you see the new OCR tech in SkyDrive and sound off below!

Source: SkyDrive