After an unfortunate delay earlier in July, the card-based Fable Fortune has now arrived in the Game Preview program complete with Xbox Play Anywhere. And to celebrate it's launch, the Founders Pack is available at a discounted price.

Fable Fortune

Fable Fortune has also launched today on Steam Early Access, with similar discounts applying over there, too. The Windows Store version, though, comes with a free trial and our favorite feature, Xbox Play Anywhere.

Created after Microsoft closed down Lionhead, the studio responsible for the Fable universe, Fable Fortune is an independent creation from a new studio made up of ex-Lionhead developers.

From our preview:

With Fable's legacy having been solidified in the RPG space, Fable Fortune strives to reach a somewhat different demographic than the main line of games.

While living firmly within the popular Fable universe, Fortune is a very different kettle of fish. Initially launched through a crowdfunding campaign, outside funding was then found to secure the future of the title and bring it to the point we're at today. With Microsoft having canned Fable Legends mid-way through its development, it's been a pretty swift development so far for Fable Fortune.

While being a very different game, we're all very happy to see the Fable name live on. Check it out at the link below.

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