After months of waiting, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore just announced on Twitter that yes, the Facebook app for Windows Phone 7.x with the updated UI and features, has been submitted to the Store.

No ETA was given on when it would be available and it’s unclear if it still needs to pass certification or if it is being published as we speak, but we’ll keep an eye out as soon as it goes live.

The Tweet simply reads:

“…a new version of the #Facebook #WP beta app just got submitted to the Store which includes support for you WP7 users!  Not quite live yet.”

While Windows Phone 7.x users currently have the old version of the app available, those with Windows Phone 8 have been enjoying a revamped version for a few months now. Microsoft promised that an update for Windows Phone 7.x legacy users would be coming, though that was a few months ago. Recently Belfiore noted that the updated app should be out by the end of August and it looks like that will actually happen.

Yesterday there were reports that the 7.x version had gone live to the Store, but it turned out to be erroneous.

Source: Twitter