Facebook Beta

It was exactly one week ago that Microsoft revealed the new Facebook beta experience for Windows Phone 8 and 8.1. The new version of the app brought it up to 5.3 and 8.3, depending on your OS version and with it a few new features like video upload and a brand new UI.

Today, Microsoft has pushed out a small update to address some initial bugs, and we're assuming any performance issues. Heading to the Store you will see version and if you're on Windows Phone 8.1.

There is only the old changelog listed, so we'll have to leave this to you folks to discern what is and what is not new, if anything. We're not expecting much in the way of new features, but perhaps some things have been fixed (on Windows Phone 8.1, Facebook beta still seems to be missing from the Me Tile stream).

One week later, what your thoughts on the new Facebook Beta? Has Microsoft finally assuaged your complaints? Let us know what they could do better!

Thanks, Ανέστης Μ., Zapella T., and Joseph S., for the tips!

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