Facebook beta was last updated on November 27th, so it’s about due for another. This time, it’s two fold as both the Windows Phone 8 variant jumps to while the Windows Phone 7.x version lands on

The bigger news here is actually for Windows Phone 7.x users, who are presumed to be getting all the new notification improvements and Live Tile functionality found in the updated Windows Phone 8 version from a few weeks ago. Those changes were significant enough to make the app much more usable for many, though those new optimizations were left off of the 7.x branch. Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore recently tweeted that 7.x would be getting those features, so we’re expecting them here in this update.

In regards to the Windows Phone 8 version, no new features have been introduced, but instead it seems to be a maintenance release:

  • Improvement in performance
  • Fixed some bugs

There’s no telling how significant those changes are, so we’ll leave it to you in comments for feedback (we are expecting the traditional ‘it feels faster’ reports, as usual).

Although the Italian Windows Phone site Plaffo reports that the new versions are live in the Store, we are currently not seeing it ourselves. The Store has been having some delays as of late, so make sure to check in later if the update is not live for you at this time.

Pick up Facebook Beta for Windows Phone 8 and 7.x here in the Store or scan the QR code below.

QR: facebook beta