If you’re a fan of Facebook, then you’re probably happy about the new hit Messenger app from the company. Looks like they haven’t forgotten about their main Facebook app either, even though it’s managed by Microsoft. Today, that test version of the popular app gets bumped from make that to That brings it to being just ahead of the official app, which is at

If that sounds like a super teeny weeny update, you’d be right. Since there’s no changelog, we’re going to guess this a minor bug fix that was probably bugging someone severely in some remote part of this planet. But hey, that person could be you!

Update: We've heard from Microsoft directly that this contains "bug fixes" and a new custom notification sound (which can't be changed). That sound should only work on devices with Update 3 installed. That's great news as it means notifications from Facebook, at least audibly, will be different from default apps, alerting you without looking. (Note: it's "custom" as in developers can customize their sound, not for consumers to customize).

Grab Facebook beta right now in the Store. Maybe it’s faster.

Thanks, RobinPaul, for the tip

QR: Facebook Beta