What better way to kick off the week than with a beta update for Facebook? The app today has jumped from version to If that sounds like a minor update, you’d be correct as there is no changelog listed and as far as we can tell, this is not anymore Windows Phone 8.1 compatible than the previous version.

Indeed, that seems to be the bigger story here with the beta and Official branching off slightly, with the official version now at version If you notice, both apps actually do align with their build numbers, but the official app has the so-called Social Extensibility framework enabled for those using the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview (more on that framework later today).

We’re sure the beta and official app will come together again at some point, but if you’re on 8.1 today, there doesn’t seem to be any advantage jumping to the beta just yet.

If you’re still on 8.0 or even 7.x, you can pick up Facebook beta version here in the Store.

Thanks, Alec L., for the tip!

QR: Facebook beta