Microsoft continues to refine the popular Facebook app through their beta program for Windows Phone. Today, Facebook Beta version for Windows Phone 7 and 8 is live in the Store and with it a few new changes and improvements, including Messenger app integration.

According to the changelog, Facebook Beta now has the following additions:

  • Messenger support
  • Post detail page
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes

Messenger support is exactly what it sounds like. The Facebook Beta app now has an icon in the upper right hand corner for Messenger, replacing the previous 'burger button' that linked to search and online contacts. The Messenger icon now reveals any impending messages and tapping it sends the user to the separate Facebook Messenger app to continue the conversation. Adding Messenger app integration solves the redundancy problem and makes the app more fully featured. Previously, users could get dual Messenger notifications if they used Messenger in the app and also had the independent app installed.

Post detail page refers to the ability now to tap any post which then loads the post in its entirety, including any comments.

Finally, as usually the app is supposed to be more stable and reliable.

Thanks, everyone, for all the tips!

QR: facebook beta