Facebook Windows 8.1

It was just a few days ago that Facebook for Windows 8 was updated. That update was actually pretty substantial and brought a ton of new features. Fast forward a few days and we’re looking at another update in the Windows Store. Anything new?

Like we said, a few days ago Facebook for Windows received a nice update. Some new features included downloading photos, sending photos in messages, location sharing in messages, improvements to the Share charm, and more. So what’s new in version There’s no changelog this time, but according to the reader who sent this tip in they’ve removed photo commenting and the ability to send attachments in messages.

We’re still able to comment on photos, so we don’t think that feature has been removed. But we’re not seeing the option to attach photos or anything in messages anymore. Again, that was a feature that was just added a few days ago in the most recent update.

Notice anything new or other features removed in this recent update? Let us know below!

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Thanks for the tip Mark!

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