Here's a simple, yet entertaining game for your Windows Phone. Falling Man is what some would consider a "reverse jumper" game in that instead of jumping your way up the screen, you guide your character as they fall down the screen. You have floating platforms to avoid along your fall and bonus items that give you bonus points, slow or speed up your descent, reverse your fall, and my favorite, make you invincible.

The Main Menu for Falling Man covers playing/continuing a game, access to the Game Center (leaderboards and OpenXLive account features), access to the online leaderboards, and a Help Section.  Falling Man has support for OpenXLive Games (a gaming social network).  You can log into your OpenXLive account from the main menu and view other OpenXLive players from the Game Center.

Falling Man

Controlling your falling man is simple. Just tilt your Windows Phone to the left or right to control his fall. You have to avoid the floating platforms and the further you fall, the higher the score. One word of caution, your falling man can move off screen and re-appear on the opposite side. Be careful that you don't move too far right or left and side swipe a platform.

One interesting side note for Falling Man is that it is the creation of 14 year old developer Johnny Simmons. I have to give him credit, he's created a very nice game for Windows Phone. Falling Man ran smoothly but I did experience one or two crashes while visiting the Game Center. I found Falling Man to be an entertaining Windows Phone game that is ideal for passing short periods of time with. Graphics are simple but effective and the pace is fast enough to make Falling Man a rather challenging game.

Falling Man is a free, ad-supported game and you can download it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.  Windows Phone 7.5 is required.