We’ve seen some fairly awesome ‘fan made’ Windows Phone commercials in the past. The most famous was Brandon Foy, whose college project ended up landing him a job at Microsoft.

Now we have another school assignment that has caught the attention of a few, including this site. Made by Phong Luong and friends for their school project (follow the progress on their site), the ad works for us due to the solid music, retro-artsy look and of course focusing on the main features of the phone (PureView camera, wireless charging, unibody design). Plus it just pops out at us.

As pointed out in comments at Reddit, it seems to borrow heavily (ironically) from HTC’s 8X and 8S web videos back a few months ago. Indeed, there is a quite a resemblance. The difference here is this is a school project and it was more about them making it then say, Nokia actually endorsing it.

Still, we’d like to see some more general commercials like this, similar to Nokia’s “retro art” ad, which had us in a tizzy when they took on Apple.

You can watch Phong’s project above or here on Vimeo if mobile (use the official app on Windows Phone 8 and use this link (or search for Phong Luong, Lumia 920).

Source: Vimeo; via Reddit