It's been nearly a year since the Fandango app received an update (seriously, it was November 25th, 2010). So it's with great surprise and fanfare that they've finally updated the popular movie ticketing app for Windows Phone 7.5 Mango.

Unfortunately, there's no super great additions here, just some basics of fast-app switching and deep-linking, meaning Bing movie searches will make buying tickets that much easier, since you'll be taken to this app to purchase directly. We also notice it both loads and scrolls much faster, making it even nicer to use. Finally, there seem to be toast notifications on board, though we're unsure what for as of yet.

That's cool for us. So if you use Fandango or have thought about it, now may be a good time to grab it. Pick up v1.3 here in the Marketplace. Thanks, Jay, for the heads up!