Fantweestic for Windows 8

Fantweestic! is a Windows 8 Twitter client with the sports fan in mind and it's about to go on sale.

Fantweestic! is from Liquid Daffodil, the developers of the Windows Phone apps glƏƏk!, Outsider and Locksider, and offers a sports themed take on Twitter.

Fantweestic! has the ability to easily add a Team or College Twitter feed directly to your views based on the theme you select. There's about forty themes available, including a Windows Phone Central theme! Oh... if you don't see your College or sports team listed in the theme, there's no need to panic.  Shoot the developer an email and it should be on the list shortly thereafter. Fantweestic's goal is to have hundreds of themes available.

Along with the sports themes, Fantweestic! has full Twitter timelines, mentions and retweets along with unlimited account support. It's a nice looking Twitter client for your Windows 8 tablet or computer.

Fantweestic for Windows 8

So here's the deal on the sale. Fantweestic! normally runs $10.99 but the developer is about to make it free for a little help from you the consumer.

If you love Fantweestic! and think it’s a 5-star app, rate and review it as such, if you don’t think so, instead of making comments in a review, send the developer an email via Support within the app and explain what you want to see. It's a way to encourage Windows 8 users to start communicating better with the developers to improve their products. We see it all the time with Windows Phone 8 developers and this is a small way to encourage similar with Windows 8.

You can check out Fantweestic! here in the Windows Store. The developer should be making the price change sometime today and as long as they keep getting feedback, they'll keep the app free. [Edit: as of 11:30 am PDT the app is now 100% free]

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