Last week we showed you guys and gals Scoopt. It’s a fashion app that has launched on Windows Phone first with Android and iOS apps on the way. It allows users to browse some of the latest in fashion (clothes, accessories, etc) and buy purchase items through the apps. Scoopt has also picked up a pretty fast update based on feedback from all of you. Let’s see what’s new and improved.

If you fire up the Store and update to version of the app you’ll get some new features and an improved experience.

  • Delivery to 28 European Union countries
  • Mens and womens buttons
  • New high quality Instagram images

Scoopt SC

You can download the app virtually anywhere, but it’ll be most useful for our friends over in Europe. Last week when they launched you could only order if you were within the UK. Now you’ll be able to buy and receive items in 28 EU locales.

The ability to filter between male items and female items is a feature that most of us badly wanted at launch. Typically you’ll be browsing for yourself, so it makes sense to filter out items for the other gender. Of course if you need some items for your significant other you can switch back and forth.

The Scoopt team also fixed a little bug that made images from Instagram appear fuzzy. Now they’re as crisp as you’d want.

Don't forget to look up Rich Edmonds within the app, you can look as dapper as him by following his fashion sense. Unfortunately, doesn't look like Daniel is on it yet, so you won't look as GQ as this

If you want to grab Scoopt hit up the Windows Phone Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app. It’s available for all Windows Phone devices (yes even 7.x). 

QR: Scoopt