Sky Patrol

Sky Patrol is a fast paced combat game for your Windows Phone where you are the eye in the sky to protect allied convoys as they work their way through hostile enemy territories.

Sky Patrol is available for low-memory devices, is filled with challenging gaming levels and is your myAppFree deal of the week!

Sky Patrol takes on an arcade feel with fifty gaming levels where you have to protect your fleet of planes as they fly over enemy territory. The game has a slight Missile Command feel in that you dispatch defensive rockets to blast enemy missiles that are in bound, dead set on destroy your planes.

Sky Patrol

In just playing Sky Patrol for a short time, it comes across as a fun game to pass the time with. Easy controls, challenging game play and eye catching graphics help with Sky Patrol's appeal. The game normally runs $1.99 but through the myAppFree campaign you can pick it up for a limited time for free. The deal will expire at 12:00 UTC on 9/18/2014 (that would be 8:00 p.m. EST if my math is correct).

Let us know what you think of Sky Patrol in the comments below and remember if you enjoy the game please leave a review for the developer. Constructive reviews and ratings help with Store rankings and visibility for devs!

  • Sky Patrol - Windows Phone 8.x - 52MB - Free (normally $1.99) - Store Link

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