Fastball 2 is not a baseball game for your Windows Phone. Instead it's a bouncy ball type of game where you have to guide your ball down a path, bouncing over obstacles.

Fastball 2 has 105 levels of play spread across three stages. The game also offers two themes, cartoon and futuristic (cartoon looks the best).

From the main menu you can access the game, options, and a help section. Options include sound and music on/off controls, your theme of choice and the difficulty level (easy, normal and hard). You may want to start off easy because the game can be rather challenging.

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Fastball 2's goal is to bounce your way through the levels while avoiding various types of hurdles. You will see a "Get Ready" sign appear on the screen and when you are ready, tap the screen to get the ball rolling. To bounce your ball, just tap the screen.

Along the way you can earn tokens (one for every five levels completed) that you can use to skip those pesky levels that give you fits. Levels are re-playable is you want to try to better your score.

All in all, Fastball 2 is a fun, entertaining, mildly addictive game for your Windows Phone. The levels are challenging, especially the ones where your ball changes directions. Fastball 2 will not only challenge your powers of concentration but also timing.

Fastball 2 is a free, ad-supported game for your Windows Phone. You can find it here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.