Fat Fingers for Windows Phone

Fat Fingers is the official Windows Phone app for FatFingers.com and allows you to search for eBay bargains that are often overlooked due to spelling errors.  Such errors prevent these auctions from being noticed or picked up on keyword searches allowing you to sweep in and win the auctions for a steal of a price.

The version 1.2 update of Fat Fingers brings new logos to match the Windows 8 app and support for Windows Phone 8 resolutions.

Fat Fingers

Other key features of Fat Fingers include:

  • Save and pin searches (limited to two in the trial version)
  • View a list of recent searches (limited to two in the trial version)
  • Group search results by category (pay version only)
  • Ability to sign in to your eBay Account
  • Add items to your eBay Watch List.

Fat Fingers is a nicely laid out and simple Windows Phone app that may help you find that buy of a lifetime. There is a free trial version available that is slightly limited on functionality. The full version of Fat Fingers is currently running $2.49 and you can find it all here at the Windows Phone Store.

Oh... if you're interested in the Windows 8 version, it's a free app and available here at the Windows 8 Store.

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