FB Pages Manager

The popular app for managing Facebook pages on Windows Phone, FB Pages Manager, was recently bumped to version 1.9. This latest release packs in numerous new features, fixes and changes to the overall experience, making it a notable upgrade for frequent users.

Here are the new features, according to the store listing:

  • Ban feature

    • You can ban users that posted or comment on your page
    • You can also unban users, under the Manage section of the app
  • Page settings

    • Manage all your page settings directly from the app
  • Lockscreen notifications

    • You can set FB Pages Manager on your screen displaying the number of unread notifications
  • New languages

    • Bulgarian
    • Chinese
  • Small transparent tile

The update also contains fixes for the following annoying issues:

  • Time issue
  • Photo resolution on posts
  • Photo upload issues.
  • More crashing and UI bugs

That's quite the update. Be sure to upgrade to the latest release and let us know how you find the above changes.

FB Pages Manager

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