More evidence that the Kaiser is definitely coming to AT&T: FCC approval. Now FCC approval in and of itself isn't necessarily a guarantee that AT&T will pick up the device, but in this case I feel pretty confident. Why? Because HTC actually got three versions of this wunderphone approved:

  • The Kaiser 100 is a camera-less version (think business use)
  • The Kaiser 110 has one 3mp camera
  • The Kaiser 120 has two cameras - the big one in the back and the little one for video conferencing on the front.

The 110 is the one to pay attention to here. Just as with the Blackjack, AT&T (well, it was Cingular back then) took in the single-camera version, as having two cameras sort of makes it a little too obvious that their network isn't all it could be. Why would HTC bother making a less-powerful, short-a-camera version of the Kaiser if not for AT&T to snap it up? That pitter-patter sound you hear is my heart.

The Kaiser is a full-fledged Windows Mobile 6 Pro slider (flip-up, no less) with 3G, built-in WiFi, and built-in GPS. Please hurry. I'm getting tired of Sprint's Mogul being the hottest thing on the block. The rumor used to be "late July", but we're just about fresh-out of July, so I'm thinking mid September (i.e. after the Sept. 8th FCC confidentiality agreement expires). Which is funny, because I'm also thinking AT&T will finally bequeath Windows Mobile 6 unto the Blackjack, 8525, and the Treo 750 around that time. Heck, AT&T, you may as well do it all on the same day - and as long as you're at it, throw in a free pony.

Read: via Boy Genius