Leaked presentation slides, leaked pics, and leaked roadmaps are all well and good, but when the FCC approves a device, you can pretty much stop having doubts about whether or not a device is coming out. Engaget Mobile keeps a close eye on the FCC and it's paid off - the HTC Titan (aka Verizon XV6800 aka Sprint PPC 6800) is coming and coming soon.

The device should have EVDO Rev A, more memory, Bluetooth 2.0, and kill that damnable antenna. Heck, I'm even excited by the scroll wheel and WiFi on/off switch. In any case, if you like to read PDFs detailing radiation levels and suchlike, head straight to the FCC's report

there's some sort of wave of reassurance that washes over us when we see a promised new handset get two thumbs-up from our boys and girls at the Fed.

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