Lumia 920 Black

Both the Lumia 900 and 920 have been AT&T exclusives, leaving folks at T-Mobile and Verizon with no way to get their high-end Nokia fix. That’s about to change. Some recent FCC filings make it look like Big Red is about to pick up a variant of the Lumia 920.

FCC filings dug about by Engadget tell the tale of ‘RM-860’ working its way through the legal proceedings to go on sale in the United States. The device carries the LTE bands 4 and 13, which make it sympatico with Verizon customers.

Tom Warren over at The Verge reports that the device has been seen on the AdDuplex network with the same screen resolution of the Lumia 920. Which confirms what we reported earlier with a Lumia 920 like device popping up on AdDuplex earlier today. He also suspects it to be the Nokia ‘Laser’ device we touched up on a few weeks back.

Now will this device make an appearance at Mobile World Congress or nonchalantly arrive on the network? Personally I don’t suspect you’ll see this in Barcelona if it really is just a Lumia 920 variant and nothing ground breaking. Hmm.. now time to daydream of a matte red Lumia 920 running on Verizons network, anybody excited?

Source: FCC, Via: Engadget, The Verge