Windows 10

People who have installed and used the leaked Windows 10 10036 build that found its way to the Internet on Saturday continue to discover new features and improvements. All of them are small but should be of interest to power users of the OS.

According to Neowin, the virtual desktop feature that Microsoft calls Task View in Windows 10 has a couple of new settings in build 10036. One of them lets users show apps in the taskbar for the desktop that they are currently using, rather than showing those apps in all of their desktops. The other allows users to set up Task View so that, when pressing alt+tab on the keyboard, they can toggle through just the apps that are open on their current desktop.

Another new feature relates to the Insider Hub app, which allows Windows Insider members to offer feedback back to the Windows 10 development team. The leaked build 10036 now lets users track some feedback stats in the app, including just how many times they have submitted suggestions to the team, the number of feedback missions the user has competed and more.

Finally, switching between desktop and tablet mode in the leaked build is a more automatic process. In the current public 9926 Windows 10 build, users have to switch manually from the desktop to tablet mode and vice-versa. In the leaked 10036 build, that process can be set to switch automatically, when an event such as connecting or disconnecting a Type or Touch cover on a Surface Pro 3 tablet occurs.

Since this is a leaked build, there's no guarantee that Microsoft will include any of these new features in the next public build of Windows 10, which hopefully will be released in the near future.

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