Nokia Lumia 520

If you are looking for a budget Windows Phone, the Nokia Lumia 520 may very well be the best option to pursue. WPCentral member gameson is considering picking a Lumia 520 for his father who is currently using a Samsung Galaxy S (first generation).

Gameson has started a discussion seeking feedback on the Lumia 520 in the WPCentral forums in hopes of getting a better handle on this economy oriented Windows Phone.

Based on the initial questions, the phone will be used more as a feature phone than a smartphone with a need to use Skype and Whatsapp. The Galaxy S is described as slow as a turtle and there is concern over the low memory affecting the overall performance of the Lumia 520.

For what it is worth, we have found the Lumia 520 to be an outstanding Windows Phone. There are limitations with certain apps and games due to the low memory but the overall performance is quite nice. (The one limitation? Skype and VOIP apps don't run the quickest.) The Windows Phone platform can be set up for easily, and the price of the Lumia 520 is very appealing.

So far most feedback is positive on the Lumia 520, but what say you? Jump on over to this WPCentral forums discussion and share your thoughts on the Nokia Lumia 520 or offer up an alternative that might fit the bill.