Fenice 3.0 gives you more control over your Twitter experience; snag a free copy while you can

Fenice, the third-party Twitter app for Windows, has hit version 3.0, both for PCs and mobile devices. The update brings a number of significant features and improvements, including letting you view tweet replies in the details page, the ability to send quick replies, and support for the Microsoft Band 2.

This is what's new with Fenice 3.0:

  • Many improvements behind the scenes to the core code
  • You can now set the app to open at the last read tweet
  • Replies to tweets are here!
  • Videos are now played inside the app!
  • New tweet page with small UI changes and improved code
  • Now the app will automatically create your friends list while running without waiting for the background agent
  • New way to attach images to tweets! Quickly attach your latest camera roll pic
  • New profile page UI! It now adapts better to big screens
  • Tweets longer than 140 characters are automatically split
  • Notifications now open the app on the correct page
  • Quickly check if a user is verified
  • Add a Fenice tile on your Microsoft Band
  • Changed the way draft are sent
  • Easily search for GIFs to attach to your tweets
  • Images links are not displayed anymore in the tweet text
  • You can now open tweets in an external browser
  • You can now enter full screen mode by pressing F11
  • New option to be verified before posting a status
  • Quick reply in the extended view
  • New subscription page to manage your subscriptions
  • You can now scroll the changelog! Yay!
  • [Dev goodie] We now have a URI scheme! Check the blog post for info

This update also fixed a number of bugs. You can grab Fenice 3.0 from the Windows Store for $1.99.

Download Fenice from the Windows Store ($1.99)

QR: fenice

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