One of our favorite "visual" apps for Windows Phone has been Roguecode's Ffffound, which pulls down the image feed from the site of the same name ( And much like his other apps, Ffffound does it with minimalism and flare making it one of the most eye catching creations around.
The app has now been updated for Windows Phone 8 and includes one of the useful functions for such a visually focused app: lockscreen support. Starting with version 1.4, users can now set the lockscreen to auto-update with either the latest Ffffound item or cycle through their Favorites. Either option is great and so far, we're really enjoying the look.
Other additions include double wide Tile support, including Live tile abilities and speed optimizations for Windows Phone 8 (though we hear a re-write of the app is coming up, set to make the app even faster than before).
What can we say, if you're looking for a repository of some really creative user-submitted art or just like pretty things, Ffffound is both a great website and this is the app for it. Lockscreen support finally brings you some great visual flare and the app is just fun to use.
You can try Ffffound for free or opt for the $0.99 version right here in the Store. Highly recommended.
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QR: Ffffound