Two popular Windows Phone photography apps were updated recently, Fhotolens and Fhotostorage.

Fhotolens is a Windows Phone camera app that creates a virtual 10-24mm lens to give your photos a fish-eyed lens look. Fhotostorage is a Windows Phone Pictures Hub discovery tool that is designed to help you find specific photos a little easier by sorting them into categories or keyword search.

Fhotolens was updated to version 2.1 that further refines the HDR filter with faster tone mapping and allows single exposure shots to be captured at full resolution. You will also notice a new logo for Fhotolens.

Photo Provided by Thomas Locke

We have not had the chance to take the updated version of Fhotolens out for a test drive (the weather has not been camera friendly) but the Fhotolens HDR sample provided by the developer does look nice.

Fhotostorage makes the jump to version 1.4 and adds support for Instagram, Flickr, Fhotoroom as well as local photo storage discovery. With this support Fhotostorage can sift and sort images shared and uploaded to those network sites. We are told Facebook support is in the works. The version 1.4 update also adds the ability to sort images by “likes” along with a handful of bug fixes related to the app’s themes and 720 layout.

Fhotostorage Updated Screens

The developer is constantly working to improve all his Windows Phone apps and these latest updates reflect his commitment to the platform.

There is a trial version for Fhotolens with the full version running $1.49. Fhotostorage is a free app and both are only available for Windows Phone devices. Both of these Windows Phone photography apps can be picked up through the following Windows Phone Store links.

Fhotolens – Store Link

Fhotostorage – Store Link

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