Fhotoroom update

We use Fhotoroom on Windows Phone mostly for editing photos before uploading to Instagram, but the app offers much more than that. It also has a very fast growing community and an advanced built-in camera.

If you’ve been using Fhotoroom, then you should know the app has just received a noteworthy update. The app logo has changed and there are a few tweaks in the user interface. Let’s take a look at the full change log.

What’s new in version 9.7:

  • New logo
  • New streamlined UX/UI for easier access to community, feed, and messages.
  • New camera tile
  • New #FhotoChallenges Category includes #SMFC group and is reset at the beginning of every month.
  • New "Pin To Start" for real beautiful live tiles. Pin any tag you can search and launch app right to it.

Fhotoroom screenshot

The new Fhotoroom logo isn’t very different. They have changed the lens reflection in the middle. It’s a little more colorful and we like it.

The changes are more noticeable in the main screen. The home button has been moved to the top. It’s also now easier to see the recent, popular, and interesting photos. 

We like Fhotoroom’s built-in camera because it has an option to select one point for focus and another point to measure exposure. If you like the camera, the 9.7 update has a new camera tile. Pin it to the home screen for quicker access.

Have a favorite category or hashtag? You can now pin those to the home screen. The live tiles display some of the photos from that section.

Fhotoroom live tile

Overall, it’s a good update for Fhotoroom fans. Still haven’t tried it? The photo app is available at the Windows Phone Store for free. It’s also going to iOS soon. Are you a Fhotoroom follower? Let us know what you think of the update in the comments.

Thanks for the tip, Vijay, R.!

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