Fhotoroom updated for Windows Phone 7.x

Earlier this month the popular photo sharing, editing and camera application Fhotoroom was updated for Windows Phone 8. We were told that an update was in the works for the Windows Phone 7.x version and today that update went live.

The new user interface the Windows Phone 8 version has been enjoying is now part of the Windows Phone 7.x version. You also have the bandwidth saver option with the version 3.2 update that allows you to limit on uploaded images when you're running low on available data or in an area with slow data connections.

Other changes with the version 3.2 update include:

  • Double Tap to Like photos
  • Swipe Left/Right navigation to flip through photos
  • Updated filters bringing the total to over fifty
  • Swipe Left/Right navigation to change filters
  • Swipe Up/Down navigation to adjust filter level
  • Twelve new filters for Registered Users
  • Consolidated settings
  • Better Live Tile control

Fhotoroom has always been an appealing option for those wanting to edit and share their photographs as well as having a camera app option. The updates bring the Windows Phone 7.x version more in line with the Windows Phone 8 version to improve the overall experience Fhotoroom brings to the table.  Plus it's nice to see Windows Phone 7.x get a little attention.

If you haven't tried Fhotoroom, it's a free application with versions available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices. You can find Fhotoroom here in the Windows Phone Store.

Oh... there is also a version 8.8 update that was pushed out today for the Windows Phone 8 version of Fhotoroom that is basically a maintenance update that fixes a few minor bugs.

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