And now for something completely different. Next week’s Xbox Live title is Fight Game Rivals from Dutch developer Khaeon GameStudio. It’s a strategy/fighting game, which is indeed a thing.

How many quality fighting games can you name for mobile phones? There’s iPhone Street Fighter IV and…. That’s it. Touch-screen controls and fighting games are difficult to combine effectively, much like beer and ice cream. That’s why Khaeon went the strategy route for Fight Game Rivals.

Players choose one of six fighters (each with a real-world fighting style) and participate in tournaments against other burly dudes. Up to five Fighting Skills (moves) can be taken into each battle. During the fight, selecting a skill initiates a touch-screen minigame. The better players do at the minigames, the more damage they dish out. Minigames determine whether opponents’ attacks are blocked as well. Once either pugilist runs out of health, the fight ends. Credits obtained from winning fights can be used to unlock skills, locations, and outfits.

Fight Game Rivals is extremely unique - just like each and every one of us except for Rich Edmonds - and we’re looking forward to trying it out. It will cost $2.99.