Windows Phone 8.1

With as much as we've learned about Windows Phone 8.1 in the past two days, there were still some things left up in the air. Like how close was Microsoft to being done? And when would users get to see it on their devices? We're closer to those answers today, with a letter leaked to Neowin indicating that it could very well be very soon.

The letter, reportedly sent by Microsoft to Windows Phone partners, says that the remaining work to be done on Windows Phone 8.1 is addressing "a small set of issues" (i.e. bug fixes) and is expected to be complete on April 8th. From there, this gold master build will be distributed to manufacturers on April 14th — less than two weeks away.

Registered developers will be able to download and install Windows Phone 8.1 shortly after that through the developer preview program. That is a touch later than the April 10th date that we'd heard earlier, but also not exactly a huge delay.

The first devices running Windows Phone 8.1 — the Nokia Lumia 630 and 635 — are expected to start shipping next month, so it won't be too long until Windows Phone 8.1 starts getting in the hands of people all around the globe.

Source: Neowin