Surface Book

It's never fun when you run into serious issues with a specific product, especially when your problems are nowhere near the norm for millions of other consumers. Community member Christopher Lindsay found himself dealing with this very issue. It hasn't been a positive experience since he picked up a Surface Book, he's growing tired of having to deal with support channels, and he wants nothing more than to simply get on with a working machine.

Christopher Lindsay

I've always been a Windows guy but I'm so fed up with my Surface Book and Microsoft I don't even know what else to do. I need my computer to do audio work at home and for weeks now I've been plagued with Surface Book issues one after another. I do music production and my SB kept crashing every single time any notification would come in. It would crash my audio drivers. It would crash my audio...


Lindsay goes on to explain how replacement devices also failed in record time. It's unusual for products from reputable companies to fail repeatedly, but it can sometimes occur. For example, I had to have Acer send out two replacements for my old Aspire S7-392, which eventually resulted in a full refund because they didn't solve my problems.

Sometimes it's just bad luck. What should Lindsay do in this situation? What would you do? Should he wait it out with Microsoft or cut his loss and look at another Windows-powered PC? Head to the forums and share your advice. And if you've had a similar issue, let us know how you resolved it.

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