Update: Campo Santo has posted a note on when Firewatch for Xbox One will be released in Europe, Australia and New Zealand:

Some ratings issues delayed our Xbox One launch here but we're aiming to have the game in your hands on September 30th in Europe and the week after in Australia & New Zealand.

As promised, developer Campo Santo has released its acclaimed first-person adventure game Firewatch for the Xbox One console for $19.99. It contains some extra features that were not initially included in its previous release on the PC and PlayStation 4.

Firewatch puts the player in the role of Henry, who is working as a fire lookout in the woods of Wyoming. However, with the guidance of his boss Delilah via radio, Henry goes out into the wilderness to solve a mystery. Firewatch's Xbox One release includes an audio tour mode that lets players listen to commentary from the developers as they play the game. There's also a free-roam mode that lets the player explore the game's entire world without the storyline.

Be aware that while Firewatch is rolling out for the Xbox One in the U.S., it'may not yet be available in your region

Download Firewatch from the Xbox Store ($19.99)