The first alleged screenshots of Windows Cloud, a new rumored version of Windows 10 expected to be akin to Windows RT, have leaked out. Shown off by Italian blog Windows Bog Italia, the screenshots unsurprisingly show something that looks identical to Windows 10.

It's no surprise that there's no big visual difference to point to, as Windows 10 Cloud is expected to be a version of Windows 10 that only runs apps from the Windows Store. That limitation is on display in the desktop screenshot above, with the dialog box stating that the app that's trying to run wasn't designed for "this version of Windows." And though the desktop watermark states the version running is Windows 10 Pro, Windows Blog Italia points to registry keys that indicate the version running is indeed Windows Cloud.

As we've noted before, Windows 10 Cloud appears to be Microsoft's attempt to take on Chromebooks with something akin to the failed Windows RT. Windows 10 Cloud would essentially give Microsoft a standing in the low-end market with a more secure version of Windows 10 that's shielded from viruses and malware from the web by only running apps on the Windows Store.

What's all this fuss about 'Windows 10 Cloud'?

Keep in mind that, as with all leaks like this, it's best to take these with a grain of salt. However, Microsoft is definitely cooking something up here, and we should hopefully hear something more official soon.