Have you downloaded Chariot for Xbox One yet? If you haven't and the fact that it's free for Xbox Live Gold members hasn't persuaded you yet, hopefully, our video will! Chariot is a 2D platformer that it loads of fun and is easy on the eyes. Be sure to check out our gameplay video.

Chariot is a game about a princess who is given the task to take her father's, The King, remains to its final resting place. Gameplay is fairly simple, take the chariot down into the caves and gather all of your father's riches without making too much noise. If you do make too much noise, you will wake looters who will then swarm the chariot and steal all of the treasures that you have collected thus far. The game features a beautiful 2D/3D design and creates a mysterious ambience. My biggest joy with the game is that it has some of the tightest controls which are vital for platforming games.


If you have someone at home to play with, you are in for a real treat when you play the game co-op mode. One quirk I have though, is that some areas of the game are only accessible via co-op. For people that are like me, and don't have someone at home to play with, this might turn them away from the game.

Be that as it may, we've only played through about half of the game, yet we are thoroughly enjoying it. So if you're a Xbox Live Gold member with Xbox One go download your free game today. For those of you that aren't the game is $14.99 in the Xbox Games Store and is easily worth the money.

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