Publisher Square Enix has released the first gameplay trailer for Just Cause 3, the upcoming open-world action game sequel from developer Avalanche Studios. The game is due out in late 2015 for the Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4.

The trailer is a bit short but it's full of awesome action sequences that will be available for players to control in the game. Indeed, the YouTube description of the Just Cause 3 trailer states:

"This footage is all actual gameplay. It was captured in-game using cinematic camera angles. It contains no cut scenes. Nothing was staged or scripted."

That will apparently include sequences like freefalling on top of a jet fighter, ripping off the glass canopy and throwing the pilot out. There's also lots of shooting, explosions and more vehicle action as the player controls the character of Rico Rodriguez as he tries to make life hard for General di Ravello, the leader of the fictional Mediterranean island Medici. People who pre-order Just Cause 3 will gain access to the Weaponised Vehicle Pack, featuring three exclusive cars to drive around and shoot things with.

It's going to be a very busy 2015 for Avalanche Studios as the developer also has the upcoming Mad Max game coming out for the Xbox One and other platforms on September 1.

Source: Just Cause (YouTube)