Samsung has brought Android and Windows 8 (yes, Windows 8 and not Windows Phone 8) together in a single product. Introducing the ATIV Q, which is a convertible tablet with some interesting features. Announced yesterday in London, Samsung boasts the ATIV Q having a super-high resolution of 3200x1800 and a pixel density of 275ppi. Not bad for a 13-inch tablet.

We took a quick look at the tablet while attending the London event and in the above video, you can see the unique features that's on the table. These include the ability to rotate the display and use the device in 4 positions. A nice addition, which was explained by the assistant in the video, is the CPU (an Intel Core i5) is actually housed inside the stand, situated between the display and keyboard.

Stay tuned for more details to emerge regarding the Samsung ATIV Q.